LumexLyft Multipolar RF Anti-Aging Device (White)


Transform the way you care for your skin with the Lumexlyft system. Our patented nebula of Gold electrodes delivers RF energy with sub-millimeter precision, allowing for a fast and effective treatment in just 10 minutes. With 256 Gold Micro-RF dots, this “anti-gravity” skincare solution offers a 2.79 square-in (18 square-cm) panel for a customized and adaptive experience.

Enjoy instant results from your first treatment with the Lumexlyft, featuring precise temperature control and monitoring at 107.6°F (42°C). This 100% non-invasive and super portable device is the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

The Lumexlyft Organic Gel, exclusive to the Lumexlyft system and 100% organically produced in the USA, helps to reduce pore size while providing instant hydration. The LED indicators and mechanical buttons make it easy to use and monitor your treatments.

Experience the best in skincare with the Lumexlyft system, offering precision, comfort, and instant results.

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