Welcome to the future...

Lumex is a company that aims to create a positive impact on the medical industry by improving the experience of patients during medical procedures. One of our primary goals is to develop innovative devices that can help patients feel more comfortable during procedures.

To achieve this, we have created Target Cool, which uses state-of-the-art cooling technologies. We are dedicated to setting a new standard in the medical industry through our cutting-edge cooling technologies. Our innovative devices can reduce patient discomfort, anxiety, and pain during procedures, which can lead to better outcomes and faster recovery times.

Three modes

Our cooling mode is indicated for the temporary reduction of pain, swelling, and inflammation from minor surgical procedures.
Target Cool’s boosting mode is indicated for temporarily reducing hematoma from minor surgical procedures, sprains, or other minor sports injuries and as an adjunct to rehabilitative treatment.
Target Cool’s freezing mode is indicated for the surgical destruction of target tissue like a skin tag, lentigo, and actinic keratosis by applying cryogenic gases at extremely low temperatures.

Easy to Use

Target Cool is easy to use. Simply input the desired temperature and time into the TargetCool device, point, and spray, and within seconds Target Cool cools the target site to your specifications. Target Cool takes little time to learn how to operate or to train staff.

Precise Control

Target Cool gives you an unprecedented degree of control over skin temperature and the duration for which the skin is cooled. You can now control exactly how cool the skin gets, and how long it stays at that temperature–down to the degree and second.

Precise Cooling

With Target Cool, there is no more guesswork involved in topical cooling. You’ll know just how cool the skin is and how long it has remained at that temperature. You can be confident that the patient’s skin has been effectively treated with cryogen.